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I/ We are big corporation for seafood business:   


+ Chiu Sheng is financial office.  

+ Hai Wang factory have code DL 728 located in Phan Thiet City with processing role. 

+ Hong Minh factory is processing semi-IQF located in Lagi.  

+ FISHLINE located in Ho Chi Minh city with main sale office role, and also contact with other factories supply products that Haiwang can not do for our customer.

II/ Our Capacity: 6.000 Tons Year 


Number of employees: 450.

Output Capacity per day: 18 /20 Tons.

Output Capacity per month: 550/600 Tons.

Certification& Quality management systems:  HACCP, BRC, IFS, FDA, ISO.

Main products: Cephalopod (Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish), Value products ( Sushi, Slice & fillet from Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Grill and Fry products), Seafood mix, Blueshark, Swordfish, Yellow tail.

Contracted products:  Shrimp (Black tiger, Cat tiger, Vannamei, Lobster), Mollusks ( clam), Fish ( Pangasius, Red Mullet, Tuna, Tilapia, Oilfish…)

III/ The reasons to work with Fishline: 


Diversity : Work with Fishline only, You can have diversity products such as Mollusks, Cephalopod,  Shrimp,  Fish and seafood mix. 

Competitive price: We are buying big volume to many customers. Therefore, Fishline always have strong voice & best price from Partner factory. Besides, we collect RM directly from the source to have better price.



We have good factory systems (following EU and Japanese standard).

We control deeply quality from collect & clean RM to finished products to avoid antibiotic and other problems.

We will send you report of our result of inspection to control problems.

Our professional staff take care documents and shipping matter with high responsibility 

We will solve problems with customer if it happens. 


Thanks and Warmest regards.

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HCM Office  Address: : No 3A, No 9 street, Linh Tay Ward, Thu Duc Dist, HCM City, Vietnam.
Factory Address: Lot13_14 Phan Thiet Fishing port, Phan Thiet city
Tell No: +84 83 896 4796 * Fax  No: +84 83 720 5963
Email: Website:
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